Nov.26.15 at 08:46 pm

CUTTINGS is finally in the store!! Standard and Limited editions are both up! Check them out (and click through for the listing!):


LIMITED (comes with a dust jacket!):

We're so excited that they're finally available! YESSSS!

Nov.12.15 at 11:22 pm

Hey! We're in India right now. Here are some Diwali pics– mostly fireworks. 

Tags: Diwali, 2015
Oct.20.15 at 06:32 pm

Hey guys! Our friends at Datenighto just launched their Hustlecat Kickstarter! Date Nighto is a platform were you can play games in-browser, and then pick up where you left off on your iPad or phone! It's really great. 

Hustle Cat is a visual novel about a cat cafe staffed by cuties (who you can date!). The cafe also has a magical secret! It looks like it's gonna be cute fun, check it out:


(Previous Datenighto releases include Starfighter: Eclipse, We Know the Devil, and Beach Island! Check em out!)

Sep.17.15 at 05:16 pm

Iasmin Omar Ata's comic MIS(H)ADRA is about the balancing act of living your life with epilepsy. The story centers on a young arab-american and takes place in fifteen parts. It recently drew to a close, so I wanted to share it: you can check it out here, or click below.  

Sep.15.15 at 08:30 pm

Hey all! We're at SPX this weekend! We'll have CUTTINGS, JW V1-3, and more! We're at table W-70 by the front... check out this handy map!

Also, Conrad and Datenighto teamed up with some rad dudes to make We Know The Devil! It's a short game you can pick up for $6.66:



That's all for us! We'll catch you this weekend!

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