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"A sweet, smart tale of art, bitterness, enmity, and camaraderie."

- Cory Doctorow, New York Times Bestselling author of Attack Surface

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"In this quietly paced character study with a cinematic feel, a melancholy atmosphere slowly blooms into something warm and hopeful amid news headlines documenting concerns about implicit bias in AI."

- Publishers Weekly "The robot/human relationship serves as a reflection on managing cultural alienation, and the girls’ chemistry is well developed, building to a surprising, sweet conclusion. Hirsh and Ota’s story is a combination of broad narrative strokes and intimate moments, and Doyle’s manga-inspired, deliciously purple and pink illustrations float with ease through a near-future New York."

- School Library Journal "Ultimately a short but sweet story about two girls slowly falling in love. . .The art, however, is striking, with bold, stark colors; plays on light and dark; and disrupted frames depicting photos and extending emotional moments."

- Kirkus



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