Posted February 23, 2021 at 12:11 pm

Hi everyone! We're here with an update!

After working through a lot of freelance the past few months, I'm happy to say we are well into development for Season 2 of BARBAROUS! I've scripted out the majority of it and gathered up many of the references we'll need, and Yuko's been diving into design and pre-production. Yuko's been learning some new tools as well, so that is pretty exciting. Our process has become more and more formalized over the years, so things are moving along at a steady clip! You can see Cecilia above-- she's one of several characters who we do wardrobe for in advance. 

So what happens in the meantime? In March and April we'll be running two more side stories. March's story will feature Percy and Leeds and will be drawn by Niki Foley. April's story will feature Percy and Lumia, and will be drawn by Kat Fajardo. We're really big fans of both of their work, and are really excited to be collaborating with them. Definitely check out their work!

If you'd like to pick up printed editions of BARBAROUS, Lucky Penny, Our Cats Are More Famous than Us, or any of Yuko's art books, you can find them in our online store! As always, your support makes Johnny Wander comics possible. We also have stuff like plush, stickers, charms and more - check it out!

If you missed the sidestories, you can read them here:

Ada's House of Discount Glamours, drawn by @patabot

Taller and More Mysterious, drawn by @arlir

Wisdom of the Dead, drawn by @magnoliapearl

R&R Cooking Vlog, drawn by @krismukai

Cacophony Harpend & The Door to Calamity, drawn by @_ggdg_

And of course, now's the perfect time to get caught up on Barbarous! You can read all of Season 1 for free by following the links below:

Read from the beginning of Chapter 5 here.

Read from the beginning here.

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