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Late letters column this time! What IS the letters column? Every week we round up the questions we receive from Patreon backers and answer them! In case you're confused, here's the deal: patrons can ask us questions by hitting this link. Don't be shy! Ask away! If you'd like to become a patron, head over to our patreon!

Here we go:
Hi Yuko and Ananth!
I noticed that Cecilia from Girl with the Skeleton Hand was used as a character in Lucky Penny. What was the reason for that? Were there any other characters from other projects used as background characters in Penny?  Thanks so much for sharing your work!
Haha... a lot. We had this idea about doing a Tezuka style star system (he used to use and reuse a roster of characters in a lot of his works)-- it seemed fun, but the thing we didn't realize was that Tezuka churned out a huge volume of work, and that kept his star system relevant. It was a tool for him, but it's not necessarily a great tool for us and I think we're going to avoid it in the future (for the most part). 
As for the specific references-- I'm gonna keep it brief... I'm not a big fan of pointing this stuff out because it means talking about work that hasn't been made, and ideas are a dime a dozen. But anyway! Here we are:
The lil punks: my buddies from DC, Mike, Joe and Archer
The D&D kids: friends, including Jamie, George and a character from Yuko's Fallen universe
Penny's imagination: Couple of characters from projects past & future. North appears in a lot of Yuko's tumblr art. Jayce from Applegeeks. 
Walter's friends: Cecilia of Girl with the Skeleton Hand, Alice from Applegeeks, and Katherine is a character of Yuko's that started life as a Pokemon OC... an umbreon I think
Four Horsemen: Death from Girl with the Skeleton Hand, and a couple of characters from future stuff, including Dhio from Yuko's work on tumblr
That pretty much covers it!
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