Persephone Chiaki Mori is a wizard college dropout whose magic has gone bad.

With no practical way to pursue the career she trained for at the Academy, Percy accepts an unusual job as the assistant to the super of an apartment building full of misfits. She's quickly finding that there's more to the building and its tenants than meets the eye-- and that's a welcome distraction from her own problems, of which there are many lmao. 

Leeds is a monstrous familiar, and the superintendent of the apartment building where Percy lives and works. 

As familiars go, Leeds is unusual-- he has sentience and free will, two aspects that are expressly forbidden in the design of familiars. He's able to conceal the truth about his identity by telling others that his appearance is a glamour. 

Cecilia is the mysterious owner and landlord of the apartment building where Percy & Leeds live and work.

Her right hand is a skeleton hand. Had you noticed? Lovely.

Alexander Calbraith is a living legend. 

He's the Hero and face of the Academy's Pillar Program, which trains wizards to become Pillars. Pillars are charged with protecting the world from large-scale threats and maintaining the order of the magical world.

Calbraith is Percy's childhood hero, and her inspiration for enrolling at the Academy.



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