BARBAROUS - CHAPTER 2 - 26 - Tue, 06/13/2017
The talk went great! Thanks BEA & Kinokuniya NYC!
Posted June 13, 2017 at 12:31 pm

Thanks everyone who came to the talk! It went great and meeting Katie O'Neill was awesome. Her new book, Tea Dragon Society, looks like it's going to be awesome. If you like Yuko's more fantastical art, definitely check it out-- lots of dragons and sweetness!


Two things about tomorrow!

First, we'll be at Book Expo America at 1-1:30 PM, signing at Autograph Table 13! After that you can find us at the Oni booth, and if you come by there we'll be happy to sign whatever you've got!

After that, we're doing a round table talk & signing at Kinokuniya NYC with Katie O'Neill of Princess Princess fame! We're REALLY excited about this and hope you can attend! You can RSVP here (or just show up)!


Just a quick plug for the Barbarous tumblr, which we've tried to use to showcase the (surprising) amount of fanart we've received! We are really loving it. The piece below is by Iasmin Omar Ata-- check it out!



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