cake wreck - Thu, 02/26/2009
no we did not buy one
Posted February 26, 2009 at 03:00 pm


Before I make an utter ass of myself, is this a thing?  Like, a Mardi Gras thing?  Making yellow and purple doughnut cakes filled with strings of beads and plastic babies?  I do not know much about mardi gras, so maybe I am ill informed.  It is also possible that the grocery store was given an order for a dozen cakes for mardi gras-themed baby showers.  Or baby shower-themed mardi gras parties?  I don't pretend to know about these things.

I find it to be a personal failing on my part that I drew this cake look kind of appetizing.  Here, here is one of the things.


If you happen to like hilariously bad professionally made cakes, take a gander at Cake Wrecks.  The first time I visited the site I laughed until I cried.

About a week ago, Ananth urged me to turn a drawing of mine into a tee design.  So it's up at Threadless now.  If you happen to have a Threadless account and you happen to like the design, feel free to vote on it.

[edit] Okay so the comic is not showing up, but the thumbnail is in the archive.  This is odd.  We're working on it.



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