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Ask John Advice Column
Posted March 29, 2011 at 12:31 am


Congrats Megan and Dane! You guys had a beautiful wedding. Yuko looked very nice in her bridesmaid dress and I didn't look too shabby in my suit, either. To answer some of the questions from Thursday: no, I didn't wear the baseball cap! Would've been rude. 

We're back at our desks! I'm chipping away at a new long-form script and Yuko is back to penciling. We recently got in some copies of Yo Gabba Gabba Comic Book Time #1, which I talked about the other day. Yuko has 6 pages that appear here and there over the course of the book. It's bright and colorful and fun! Also big and in hardcover - a nice, hefty size. Check it out, especially if you've got a little brother or sister or cousin that you want to get into comics early. 

A while ago I asked if you guys were interested in an Ask John advice column - I just set up a Formspring. It's going to be run as an advice column, so phrase your questions accordingly. John is away on a trip this week so at the latest he'll take a look when he gets back. Have fun!

We'll see you Thursday!



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