don't go back to rockville - Tue, 06/30/2009
Posted June 30, 2009 at 04:11 pm


Hey guys! Sorry the comic posted late; it has been a crazy couple of days. We took last Thursday and Friday to pack everything, spent Saturday loading up the truck, and spent Sunday driving up to NJ to stow everything in a storage unit. Then Conrad stayed up until 4 AM pushing out some client work, after which he caught a bus to Rochester at 10 AM the next morning. Just call him Conrad Coffeemonster Kreyling. 

Actually, let me tell you something about Conrad ... he maxed out his truck-driving skilltree this weekend. He managed to drive from MD to NJ without having anything shift ... afterwards, we had to drive a few things back to Yuko's house. We put a stack of notebooks in the back, and when we opened it up, the stack was still standing. It's like he used to deliver tofu for his dad or something. 

We also added Conrad's Xbox Avatar to the sidebar there. It's a ritual for us to mess it up at least a few times a week (we try to do it daily), and we decided it'd be fun to share it with you. Hope it gets some snickers, at least. 

Finally, Zoolology shirts! I'm extending the preorders to July 3rd (that's this Friday), so if some of you wanted to sneak in some last minute orders, now is the time! 

That's all! Hope you guys had a good weekend, sorry I'm not more interesting today! 

(Oh, actually I posted a long blog about Naoki Urasawa over at Applegeeks - that might be somewhat interesting! Go look at that!)



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