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Posted August 16, 2011 at 05:09 pm


I'm happy to say I've met similarly afflicted people, because there was a long period during which no one else understood my frustration. I've been given a lot of advice about using a straight or safety razor and special lather brushes, which I should probably try out, but the bottom line is that I end up with stubble (or a temporary beard) mostly because I can't be bothered to shave more often. It's just ... so boring. 

Regarding orders - we are behind! All orders we've received will ship THIS WEEK - I apologize if you've been waiting for a while. You'll receive a tracking number or a customs number via Paypal, so keep an eye out! New orders: if you make a new order tonight or tomorrow, it'll probably go out with the rest! In case you wanted to game my shipping schedule.

Are you guys interested in a livestream of Yuko working on a strip? You can watch her work in Photoshop while I answer any questions you might have for me or Yuko (I'd just be transcribing her responses). We're working out the logistics, but we'd probably post about that on Twitter, so here are our handles if you're interested:



If it works out, maybe Yuko can stream some of her color work later down the line? We'll see!

That's all for us! See you Thursday!



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