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Posted December 22, 2011 at 12:38 am


Krampus is a creature with roots in Germanic folklore, and is essentially the bad cop to St. Nicholas's good cop. St. Nicholas hands gifts out to the good kids, and Krampus warns and punishes bad kids - and if a kid is particularly naughty, he'll throw him or her into his sack and carry them off to his lair to eat. Krampus has appeared on cards in the Alpine regions of Europe since the 1800s - in older depictions he is more fearsome and scary, while in newer versions he is generally cuter. You can read more about Krampus at Wikipedia.

Anyway, Yuko came across some images of Krampus where he is depicted with young women and in the act of wooing (tempting?) them,

and here he's shown carrying a bunch of women off:

Yuko really likes the dapper one, but I think I prefer the idea of Krampus as an awkward shut-in who only comes out once a year with St. Nick. But anyway, one thing led to another led to today's illustration. Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy Holidays - Happy Everything! You guys better have a good one, I'll be checking. 

Just wanted to mention three things:

  • First, the Nemu*Nemu Kickstarter is nearing it's goal and completion date (in 4 days)! Scott and Audra are two of our favorite folks and their comic is fun and light-hearted - if you like Johnny Wander or Yotsuba&! there's a good chance you'll dig Nemu*Nemu (you can check for yourself!). It's also kid-friendly, for any parents or folks looking for comics for their littler siblings/cousins. Check it out!
  • Second, all orders are on hold until the New Year! We'll probably start shipping again around January 5th - just a heads up!
  • Third, the release party for JW:V2:Escape To NY will be the evening of Friday, January 13th in Brooklyn, NY! We're still working out the details, but one of the things we have in the works is a live reading of John Advice by John himself! And it'll most likely be catered by our own pal Lela! Oh, and we'll have copies of Volume 2, of course. 

That's all for us! Have a great holiday and we'll catch you next week! Stay warm!



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