guilty until proven guilty - Mon, 12/22/2008
Posted December 22, 2008 at 02:33 pm


That's Yuko's mom in the comic there, and the offender is one of her two cats, Gonta. Gonta is named after Yuko's Dad's old cat, who was a cat that was secretly a dog. I'm visiting with Yuko's folks during the holidays, although maybe it is also true to say that I am visiting Mika (the other cat) and Gonta. 

I really like cats. 

The first cat I ever really had experience with was Archer's cat, Felix. Felix was actually a girl, which is actually less amusing than the circumstances under which she came to live with Archer's family. As the story goes, it was Halloween and they were handing out candy to trick-or-treaters, and then they closed the door and turned around and there was the cat in the house, making herself quite comfortable. She took up residence and never left. 

I don't dislike dogs, but the only dogs I ever really like are the really big, really relaxed dogs. If it's a wolfy dog that's a big plus, although that's purely an aesthetic thing ... I am a big fan of cats because they're self-sufficient, they like to wander, they sometimes deign to be affectionate to humans, and I can daydream about the adventures they have while I'm away. They just strike me as more interesting. Some day when I'm able, I'd like to get two cats - a kitten and an older cat. I read Chi's Sweet Home and it's pretty cute, but now I'm worried about what a kitten would do on its own. 

Secretly, though, I think I want a tiger.



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