happy birthday conrad - Thu, 01/15/2009
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Posted January 15, 2009 at 02:43 pm


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Conrad's birthday is towards the end of December, so it was cold and we all had to spend the day working so we wanted to do something pretty relaxed and local. Dave and Busters is right up the road, so we went there and played Ghost Recon and Conrad played Pump, and when Mike arrived he bought Conrad a few drinks. We sat around and talked - Mike told us about his time in Iraq and then we started talking about the Air Force generally and somehow, last call rolled around. Conrad decided he didn't want the night to end, so we decided to head over to Kai, which is where this previous comic took place.

The last time we were there, Kai was a Karaoke bar, so there were drinks up front and karaoke rooms in the back. There was a small dog running around and playing with people, and there were two employees up at the front playing chess. It was pretty relaxed. 

This time was COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. I didn't even recognize the place, but it was full of young twentysomethings in clubwear, so the three of us were immediately out of place. There was a DJ in the front spinning some music, and everyone was drinking and dancing. Then, at the end of the night, all of the bartenders pulled a coyote ugly and danced on the bar, and one of them BLEW FIRE OVER THE CROWD UNTIL EVERYONE LEFT. It was pretty weird. 

I will say this for Conrad ... more often than not, if you go out on the town with him something crazy will happen. I am thinking that when we go into the city for inauguration on the 20th, we will probably somehow accidentally end up at Obama's afterparty.



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