he named the houseplants - Thu, 03/05/2009
Wolf was the only one that lived
Posted March 5, 2009 at 03:02 pm


There was an infestation of bugs towards the end of the lifespan of these plants so they got moved outside to the balcony. Now they're all dormant or dead, except for Wolf. ;_; 

I named the spider plant Wolf as in Lone Wolf, because he actually hung across the room from the others, all by his lonesome.  It was his solitude that ultimately quarantined him from the bug plague.

Blue, the strawberry plant, grew one large strawberry, which we were going to cut into four pieces so we could all savor it ... but then a squirrel ate it. D: What a jerk!

Roberto, who technically supposed to be an annual plant, lived way longer than he was supposed to! We got quite a few peppers out of him, all of which are drying in the kitchen and will be used to make more little Robertos come spring.

Steven and Charlene got married, but are now estranged.

Doris moved to New York, where she became secretary to a very prominent Hollywood actor.



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