Is This What You Wanted - Development Update 2 - Tue, 06/28/2016
ALA was great! Thanks everyone who stopped by!
Posted June 28, 2016 at 04:47 pm

Hey everyone! ALA was great! Thanks everyone who stopped by. 

Today is the second of the Is This What You Wanted dev updates! This one is about the brothers, featuring sketches and illustrations from when we were developing the three brothers. Fox & Kelly came first. Originally Kelly looked a little younger and he had a fuller head of hair. Fox was scruffier in the very early versions.

Once we decided we needed a third brother, Ariel developed quickly out of the previous sketches of Kelly, although he got pushed younger. He's the kind of guy who probably mostly shops at Express. 

Kelly got older (he was always the eldest), and he became more of a bookish, introverted type. His hairline receded too, and he got scruffier to emphasize his sickliness and shut-in-ness. I like his slouch.

Fox by contrast became more clean cut. He was always the clearest of the three brothers, and personality wise he hasn't changed much. We've always had the clearest picture of him. 

One thing I like about these guys is that Tess designed three characters who look related to me, but they're very distinct in their shapes and expressions.

That's all this time! Next time we'll have some sketches of the brothers together. Catch you Thursday!

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