look that gift horse right in the mouth - Thu, 01/06/2011
More like punch it in the mouth!
Posted January 6, 2011 at 09:14 pm


If the horse represents my feelings!! My family did Christmas but we weren't super into it and I don't understand your strange customs!! Whatever Christmas is over!

Special Edition copies of JW:V1 are back in stock!

Yuko and Conrad's former classmate Mike is doing a Masters Thesis game! He's asked me to pass the link on to you guys - it's an interactive comic book video game. If you have some free time, play/read it and then fill out the survey at the end to give him some feedback to work with for his final paper. If you want to contact him regarding the project, he can be reached at ... remember, e-mail him, not me! Thanks. 

Besides that, I'm finishing up the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy and tinkering with Mass Effect 2 in my spare time. Yuko did two strips about some of our experiences playing the game - they're full comics, but they're a little too game-specific to post as "official" comics, so they're on Tumblr and posted below (they read vertically):


I finally hooked Shepard up with Garrus, if you were wondering. You're welcome, Yuko. 

See you next week!



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