Lucky Penny - 074 - Tue, 10/15/2013
Namco High!
Posted October 15, 2013 at 01:43 pm


Hey guys! We're back from NYCC! What a crazy show. Some of you came by the BOOM! and Telegraph tables - it was great to see you!

It was only recently announced, but here's the big news: I'm the head writer of Namco High, a dating sim brought to you by Creative Director Andrew Hussie of Homestuck fame! Namco High is a dating sim/visual novel - you play as a new Katamari cousin and get to interact with various Namco characters. Only a few characters have been announced - check out the website - but they'll be releasing information about more as time goes on. I worked on a writing team with Magnolia Porter (Monster Pulse) and Brian Clevinger (Atomic Robo)! Yuko designed the Katamari cousin, and many other artists you know and love are involved. And the best news (to me): the whole dating sim engine is being written from the ground up by Datenighto, care of everyone's favorite Conrad

I'll be posting more about Namco High as time goes on -- but anyway, I hope you're excited! More soon.



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