mermaid - Tue, 01/17/2012
Thanks for coming to the release party!
Posted January 17, 2012 at 12:52 am


Yuko drew one badass mermaid! I love it, this mermaid is tough. Yuko drew this for the Scurvy Dogs Kickstarter. 

You guys are CRAZY! The release party at Bergen Street Comics was packed to the gills, we were totally blown away. The windows of the shop fogged up. The live reading of John Advice was a lot of fun, and we couldn't get a video but we got a lot of pictures courtesy of John Kelly. Here's a few:

A shot of the very handsome Bergen St. Comics

Audience shot during the John Advice reading

(That's us!)

Anyway, I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank Tucker, Amy and Tom at Bergen Street Comics for hosting the party, John and Conrad for helping to come out and entertain you guys, all our pals for joining us there, and you, dear reader! Without you we could not have pulled it off (even those of you there in spirit). Thanks!

Special editions of volume 2 will most likely go up on Thursday! Keep an eye out, hopefully we will be able to prep in time. See you then!


Hi there! Here is the deal: we are not blacked out for SOPA/PIPA because we've been blacked out with work for the past couple of weeks ... no time to do anything fancy. That being said, go to reddit and take a look.

These bills threaten the way of life for entrepeneurs like myself and authors of other comics on the web. I don't really have time to say more, but that being said, these folks have strong opinions on the subject and know what they're talking about: 

Dresden Codak

Dinosaur Comics

Questionable Content

Girls with Slingshots

If you have time and agree with the notion, contact your rep and let them know you don't support SOPA and PIPA. Thanks!

Back to work!



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