not the first time this has happened - Wed, 01/07/2009
She is definitely a girl! But sometimes this happens.
Posted January 7, 2009 at 02:40 pm

In the bank teller's defense, Yuko had just gotten a haircut and it was pretty short. This has happened at least once before, too, in a Target I think. A woman mistook Yuko for her son, and that was probably more awkward than this one. 

I wanted to drop links real quick to two comics we've been linked from, because both of their styles are super cute. Sudden Valley is an adorably drawn comicstrip with a website design that has a great aesthetic (I am so biased). Amu's World is a photo comic where each of the characters is knit crocheted (Sorry, I am the least crafty!) by hand, and they're all real neat ... It should be noted that Amu also makes a mean Katamari cousin - if you ever catch her at a show, be sure to take a look. ;)

(We have so much candy and junkfood right now ... do you guys want it? Take it away ...)



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