parental supervision required - Tue, 08/11/2009
Posted August 11, 2009 at 05:01 pm


As we've seen before, Yuko occasionally gets mistaken for being younger than she is ... I was actually in the next room over packing up t-shirts when I heard this exchange, but this time it was an older guy and so we thought it worth chronicling! I think this is probably part of a series on Yuko being mistaken for things she's not, such as a boy. Yuko draws herself more boyish than she really is ... it baffles me that people make that mistake in our day-to-day lives. 

A couple of things! First, Yuko did a pinup for Eros Inc. that looks mighty fine! It was in exchange for the guest comic he did for us a little while ago! One thing that delights me about the pin-up is the feet - you can tell what each character is like just by looking at the body language of their feet. Try it! 

Finally, we announced it last week, but - there are ZooLOLogy and limited edition Phoenix Down tees on charcoal grey now stocked and available in the store! I should note that both shirts come in both mens and womens sizes! We used a new process called discharge printing for the new Phoenix Down shirts ... the design was originally screen-printed on, but it was unfortunately heavy on the shirt, and it crinkled up a bit, especially on ladies since they have more curves than guys. This new process essentially prints the design into the fabric of the shirt. It arrives pretty soft - but if you put it through one cycle of washer and dryer, the design gets EVEN softer, to the point that it's barely imperceptible from the texture of the shirt itself. We've been tweaking the Phoenix Down design to make it more wearable, and I think we found our solution in discharge printing. Both tees are pictured below - click through to hit the store! 

Hope you like 'em!



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