party hard - Tue, 01/04/2011
Happy New Year!
Posted January 4, 2011 at 09:08 pm


Happy New Year! More mini-comics from the holidays. Thoughts:

  • Rook's box under the Christmas tree was bigger than the rest of the presents combined - clearly he won out.
  • Yuko's Mom is about as underwhelmed by mullets as the rest of us.
  • Yuko got me watching some 'girly anime' on Netflix, and that's more or less how we rang in the new year. 

We rarely watch anime these days - maybe one series a year at most. Actually, I wrote a long entry about how my personal relationship with anime has changed, and then I realized it was better as a Tumblr post. I'll mention when it's up. 

The orders that we weren't able to ship over the holidays are going out tomorrow! 

I finished playing Mass Effect! Yeah, I know, I'm years late - oops. But anyway - Mass Effect succeeds where a lot of harder science fiction fails (for me), in that in hard sci-fi the world-building is tremendous and amazing, but the characters are often 1. flat & unbelievable and 2. vehicles to reveal how cool the world is. I am fond of science fiction, but these are concessions I have had to make when reading. Mass Effect has a fully realized, believable world and injected into this are believable characters that you can actually care about. It's unfair to compare a book to a video game in many respects because the reader/book and player/game relationships can be substantially different (with advantages on both sides), but Mass Effect has definitely delivered a marriage of ideas that I can really get behind. I'm done gushing: here's a picture that was up on Yuko's Tumblr a little while ago to close up.

See you guys Thursday!



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