Penny's Collection: Artemis Returned - 2 - Fri, 07/03/2015
Lucky Penny bookstarter!
Posted July 3, 2015 at 09:05 am

Hey guys! Posting a little late, sorry– we got our wires crossed. Today's update is another excerpt from a book in Penny's Collection, returning to a story we've seen before!

And speaking of Penny, we've been updating the Lucky Penny Kickstarter with a lot of peeks behind the scenes and things you'll see inside the book and as part of the rewards! We revealed the bonus print– it's the turnarounds Yuko did for the Kickstarter video (click through for the whole image):
We also recently posted the Penny expressions sheet that Yuko drew up for the KS video as well (more at the jump): 
And you can see more comparisons posts between Penny on the site vs. Penny in the book! We'll be posting more of these soon:

Things are moving along and we're really excited to make this book everything it can be! As always, thank you for your support! We literally couldn't do this without you! 



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