Puck Fair - Mon, 10/13/2008
Anime USA
Posted October 13, 2008 at 01:50 am


Hey, we're back from Anime USA!  Super special thank you's to the staff for treating us so well and the dealer's room security dudes (Gabriel, Rachel, Vincent, anyone I forgot) for being so awesome and making me into a small living legend among the staff and dealers for drawing those bizarre mutated Kirbies.  If any of you have scans or photos of them, I didn't have the foresight to take pictures of them!  You can e-mail me over at 8D


Also, hello to all the regulars and everyone else who we hung out with at the con; Hawk and Jess (of course), Mookie, Jami, Nick, Dirk, Dave, Garth, Brian, The fellas from Angry Viking Press, Chris, Jo Chen (who I met for about 5 minutes, but she's adorable and I was mistaken for her at one point which was pretty funny), and anyone else I've forgotten.  ALSO HELLO YOU ROCHESTER DUDES.  (Rachelle, Mike, Phil, Pete, Conrad you don't count I live with you) Thanks for drunkenly crashing the Applegeeks panel.  N-no, seriously, thank you, it would've been so boring otherwise.
Phil:  You owe us a loaf of bread, mister.

Yuko and I were in NYC for MoCCA this year, so that dates this comic by a few months. There's a building across from MoCCA with a sign that says PUCK FAIR, and if you are a smaller person and stand just so, it seems to say something else entirely. Certainly nothing appropriate. 

Besides MoCCA, we hit our usual spots ... St. Mark's, Kinokuniya, Book Off, and so on. We were accompanied by Rym and Scott and some of their cohorts, and we stayed at their place and got to see them record Geeknights, their podcast for everything geek. After that, Yuko, Conrad and myself jumped into a car and drove down to Maryland to meet John so we could all go house-hunting (mission successful! Everyone lives in ye olde MD now).



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