rest in pieces - Mon, 10/20/2008
Shanty-town dresser
Posted October 20, 2008 at 01:57 am


Yuko's old dresser was a good, solid piece of IKEA furniture, one of the more expensive ones. The problem was in the old drawer rail system IKEA used (they've since discontinued it) and The House that Yuko lived in while she was in Rochester. Spacklehouse is a story for another time, but in any event the place was a great deal for the rent the landlord charged, even though it was falling apart at the seams.
Unfortunately everything sagged, including the staircase steps and Yuko's bedroom floor. If you walked too close to the dresser, the floor bowed and all the drawers slid open. It didn't occur to us then, but every time this happened it was warping the shape of the drawers and rails. When we finally got it onto a level floor in her new apartment, it refused to open. You had to coax the drawers out, and that worked for a while ... until one day the whole damn thing imploded. 
Yuko has a nice dresser now, also from IKEA, and so we have possibly the most boring happy ending to the most boring story possible. Go about your lives.


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