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Phoenix Down t-shirts available for pre-order!
Posted November 18, 2008 at 02:10 am


Hey guys! Phoenix Down is a shirt Yuko designed for Mutagenics a little while ago - we decided to do a small run of them, to be sold through her Etsy account. If you submit an order, PLEASE INCLUDE THE SIZE YOU WANT IN THE SELLERS COMMENTS. This helps us know what to order for you. ;)

These are under the Johnny Wander label - there are still a couple left, so if you like them or if you feel like supporting us, go take a gander. Yuko's also got some awesome prints, pins, and a bookmark up for grabs if you so desire! Thanks for your support! :D

This happened a couple of weeks ago, on the way home from an Art Fight. Jami dropped us off at Yuko's car, which was parked at a remote location ... Yuko was tired and isn't much of a night driver, so I offered to drive. We hopped onto the beltway and we were about 15 minutes away from my house when the engine started hesitating. The hesitation built into a rumbling, and then the engine groaned. We got off the beltway as the speedometer forcibly dropped from 30 to 20 to 5. The hood popped to a burst of smoke and Yuko and I stared a minute, feeling - eerily - that we were witnessing the passing of her car. 

It reminded me of my junior year of high school ... Fil's car was The Car, that is, the first car we all had access to. I was with Fil when his car kicked the bucket too, and it was a similar experience. There was a moment of silence, as though it had been a person, and then we hiked to a nearby school to find a telephone. In the end, we held a funeral for it ... we buried the steering wheel in Fil's backyard, where it lies to this day.



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