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Subway Strut
Posted July 7, 2009 at 04:13 pm


Comic is a little late, sorry! It's still kind of crazy around. 

Yuko and I spent a couple of days in the city! Managed to see the fireworks (spectacular) and spent an inordinate amount of time on the subway. I'm okay with that ... many things of interest there! Here are some of the more memorable people we saw ... Yuko has provided surprisingly accurate representations of all of them.

To be fair, Monster's Inc. is a pretty fun movie. The guy was just so thugged out, but  Pixar, you're so good at touching each of us. 

The kid in the second panel ... all I can say is I hope he writes movies one day. I managed to overhear most of the story and I almost made us stay on for an extra stop so I could hear how one of the scenes ended!! Suffice it to say that a healthy dose of revenge was involved. Revenge is italicized because he told his Mom to write it that way. It's very important, you see. 

I think the punks making balloon animals were in the 4th of July spirit, which is a little like Christmas spirit I suppose, only more patriotic. Actually, it was pretty sweet of 'em ... their stop was coming up and rather than bail without giving the second little girl her balloon animal, they frantically twisted and knotted, finishing in just enough time to hand the balloon animal off and squeeze through the closing doors. 

Preorders ended! We're in the process of ordering shirts now - thanks for your patience. There are still prints! 

Also, I hope you are as excited about the transformative properties of Conrad's avatar as I am. Mohawk and chops is a good look for him. Not 100% on those pants.



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