the most obvious course of action - Wed, 12/10/2008
this is not a part of proper rave etiquette
Posted December 10, 2008 at 02:29 pm


Conrad came out of his room with this huge ziploc bag full of quarters, and this is more or less the conversation that transpired, transcribed here for your amusement. You'll also note Conrad's rave-appropriate attire - glowsticks and glowloopies and glowglows and glowy-glow-mcglowertons. This is largely what I know about raves, although the rave-knowledge I received in my youth has been modified somewhat by the conventions I've attended since. My friend Nick, who will go without last name, was the first entrepreneur to think to sell glowsticks at conventions ... this was at a certain convention in 1998, back when I was a young punk hanging out with 16 other young punks in one hotel room. Nick made a killing selling these things, although he had to do it on the sly. The next year, everyone was selling the damn things ... this time, Nick lost his investment. 

I am more of a rock and roll guy, maybe with a little hip-hop now and again ... raves are for people who want to dance, which is awesome, but I have no rhythm and I am tone deaf, and that will never change. I was once having a conversation with my father. "Actually," he said, leaning back in his chair, "you being tone deaf was probably hereditary. No one in my family plays any instruments ... " He paused, and then added, sympathetically, "Sorry about that." 

I am obligated to add, Yuko did some art for this years Webcomics Holiday Postcard Fundraiser. All the proceeds go straight to Child's Play, that totally ace charity. Here's the art: 

They're two characters from a JW story we have in store further down the line! Keep an eye out for it some time next year. ;)



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