the return of sweetie pie - Thu, 01/20/2011
It's not a contest (but it totally is)
Posted January 20, 2011 at 11:48 pm


Yuko has mentioned the sweet potato plant in comics past - we left for one weekend and we came back it had exploded! Yuko was very pleased. I'm waiting for it to outgrow its pot and choke us in our sleep. You'll see. 

A little while ago Nina Matsumoto made a post about the range of athletic body types. This post included a huge collection of reference images of Olympic athletes, and their body types run the gamut. In that spirit Yuko decided to create a lineup of characters old and new. Here is the male lineup, and here is the female lineup. Yuko's also put together a wallpaper of the lineup, including some additions that didn't make it into the original posts.

OR this is an advertisement for the new JW teal underwear line. Very tasteful. 

We are trucking along! We're doing quite a few shows this year - I'll be talking about those very soon!

See you next week!



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