then i got curtains - Thu, 11/20/2008
you can probably tell that I wrote this comic
Posted November 20, 2008 at 02:14 am


I should mention, yes, this did happen over the summer.  And it was totally embarrassing and uncomfortable for a good solid week.  Only the warmth and comfort of IceBat could console me.

Considering that my bedroom window at our last place was 1'x2', I should probably be grateful for the amount of sunlight that I get now.  But it's been getting cold lately and the windows are single-paned and I can feel the breeze from the outside when it gets especially windy.  We've tried to combat the problem by putting plastic over the windows and getting curtains, but it only does so much (but it does make us look really poor if you happen to visit our apartment).  I've been finding myself drinking more and more coffee and assorted teas to keep warm, which also sustains my growing hot-drinks-and-caffeine addiction.  Still, it beats living back in Rochester!

I should probably mention again, the pre-sale for the Phoenix Down shirts are still going on over at my Etsy store.  It's probably going to run until this Sunday and we're down to maybe 10 tees until we fill our order goal.  Thank you to everyone who's been buying, you guys are wonderful.  :D



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