three dollar comfort - Thu, 02/05/2009
dinosaur body pillow is the best pillow
Posted February 5, 2009 at 02:51 pm


I spent a bit of time last week making a heating pad out of two $1 bandanas (one for a pillow case), half of a $2 bag of rice, and some chamomile and mint teas that no one was drinking.  If you are poor and cold a lot, THERE IS NO REASON YOU SHOULD NOT MAKE ONE OF THESE.  Here are the instructions I used (although I segmented the bag and added some tea to make it smell nice), here are some instructions to make one out of an old sock.  If you do make one, make sure not to use instant rice or wash the rice bag.

Ananth and I are in New York City right now -- we just came back from the second Scott Pilgrim book release shindig, and we'll be at New York Comic Con (as attendees) on Saturday.  I should also note that we will both ALSO be at Katsucon next weekend (Valentine's day weekend >_o ).  There is a chance that myself, Ananth, Conrad, and maybe-maybe-possibly John will be there at the same time.  But no promises.


Hey guys, the comic will up some time Tuesday! We're running a little slow here ... we didn't get back from NJ until around 7 PM today, so we've been unpacking and catching up on work that we missed. Yuko has actually already drawn and inked it, but we're both pretty tired so we're going to bed! Check back tomorrow - I'll twitter an update as well. 

Night all!



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