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King City
Posted May 22, 2012 at 01:55 am


Yuko started the garden up again! Cool. We've got basil, hot peppers, rosemary and marigolds this time around. I loooove fresh basil.

I haven't recommended a book in a good long while! Hopefully I'm preaching to the choir when I mention Brandon Graham's King City omnibus. It's 424 pages for $20 (actually $11 at that Amazon link right now, which is a steal) and it's some of the most original comics you'll ever read. It's graffiti meets 80s manga meets Euro comics meets whatever the hell he wants. Here's the Amazon summary:

Joe is a catmaster, trained to use his cat as any tool or weapon. His best friend, Pete, falls in love with an alien he's forced to sell into green slavery, while his ex, Anna, watches her Xombie War veteran boyfriend turn into the drug he's addicted to. King City, an underbelly of a town run by spy gangs and dark dark magic with mystery down every alleyway.

What is doesn't get across is how stylish the art and paneling is and how fun the dialogue is. If you're looking for a new book to read, give King City a shot!

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