why is it always MY carpet - Thu, 07/16/2009
awh man, again?
Posted July 16, 2009 at 04:15 pm


This is just one of those things where if my door is left open for extended periods of time, there's a high percentage chance that one of the cats will throw up in the middle of my floor.  You'd think I would've learned by now.

People have been requesting photos of the cats!  This one is old, but a pretty good summarization of their personalities.  Gonta (in the back) is now significantly darker, as siamese tend to become.  He's still just as fretful though.


So hey, this weekend is Otakon!  I think Ananth was kinda vague about it, so I'll say it here:  I won't be there.  Ananth will be, though!  Say hello to him if you see him!  Additionally, San Diego Comic Con and ConnectiCon are next week and the week after respectively.  We're not vendors at SDCC, but will be wandering around and bothering people who are cooler than us.  Someone suggested a J*W meetup.  Would anyone be interested in that..?



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