Fiction - Thu, 09/17/2009
Girl with the Skeleton Hand, part 2
Posted September 17, 2009 at 05:11 pm


Oh man, sorry I'm a little late with the blog post! It's been a busy day and I finally have a minute. 

So here's page 2, which Miss Yuko worked very hard on ... she was at it all day yesterday. We finally meet Cecilia's mystery date! He's a little odd, but he seems like a gentleman (actually, I can't wait till page 4 so I can tell you guys about the two terrible alternate endings I came up with for this story.) Hope you're enjoying it! And hope you're enjoying the fictional stuff ... Yuko and I are already throwing around some ideas for future shorts. 

In other news, the Maw figurine is up for preorder! It's a cool $30, which is well under what I imagined it would be -- fair warning, when it hits 20 preorders (it's very close) the price jumps to $35. 

And as mentioned before, the Zoolology tees are back in stock as well! We've already run out of some sizes - let us know if yours is gone and we'll see what we can do. :)

That's all! See you guys Thursday!


Hey guys and gals! Just a heads up, Thursday's comic is delayed till Friday! These color comics take an inordinate amount of time, and Yuko's got to illustrate and color them between her client work, a huge chunk of which arrived this week. We'll talk about that some time, it's neat!

It's worth mentioning, I'm working on edits to a manuscript for a graphic novel! Not sure when it's coming out, but news on that as I'm allowed to say more! It's going to be illustrated by Yuko, though. As you can tell, we keep busy. :)

Anyway, sorry again! See you tomorrow!!



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