Posted June 20, 2015 at 06:41 pm

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Video games this time!
Hey guys,
Playing any games right now? anything catch your eye at E3?
Ananth: Oh yeah! Yuko's burned through every route of Starfighter: Eclipse in about 3 days. She's mostly been playing Nekoatsume since then. I finished Dangan Ronpa 2 a little while ago. I play FF14 every once so often with some friends, and Yuko and I are still finishing up Dragon Age 2. 
As far as E3, yes! Looking forward to the next Tomb Raider, and the trailer for Horizon Zero Dawn was really surprising and cool. And I didn't expect to an FF7 remake announcement so get me all nostalgic, but it did. My favorite thing about that is probably all the reaction videos
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