Posted November 30, 2021 at 12:00 pm

A short post today! We just wanted to say, thank you for following along with the PIXELS OF YOU preview and hope it's piquing your interest! We're a little more than halfway done, so stay tuned.

PIXELS takes place in New York! It moves between Manhattan and Brooklyn. We had a lot of discussion on how far to take the future jump visually, and in the end we kept it simple. The new tends to get built on top of the old, and also tends to not be as sturdy as the old either. It didn't seem realistic to do a visual overhaul of the city either-- change is slow, and incremental, and mired in bureaucracy. Even today, the city doesn't look too much changed from 10 years ago-- it looks the same, just littered with Revel and Lime bikes in gutters and haphazardly on street corners. 

The thing that lends a futuristic quality to the book, then, is J.R. Doyle's visual choices, both in terms of abstraction and color choice. It feels near, but different. J.R. really got the story in a way that we could have only dreamed of. 

That's all for now! Let us know if you're curious about something, and maybe we can make it the subject of one of these posts. Thanks for reading!


Pixels of You was written by Ananth Hirsh & Yuko Ota, and drawn by J.R. Doyle.

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