Posted June 29, 2015 at 04:01 pm

HEY! New letters column today! A couple of Lucky Penny related-questions today. 

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i missed the cuttings kickstarter, where can i get it? i can't get to a convention. 
We're currently kickstarting Lucky Penny and CUTTINGS is available as part of some tiers. Both the regular and limited editions are available. A signed bookplate is also available as an option. 

I LOVE PENNYS COLLECTION!!!! is it going to be in the penny book??????? 
Sadly no! The timing won't work out– Penny's Collection is going to run past the time we plan to get Lucky Penny to the printer. HOWEVER a PDF of Penny's collection where I lay it out in 2-page spreads... that may show up as some kind of kickstarter bonus. But shhh, that's a secret. Don't tell anyone!

Is Ananth going to write a longer version of any of the Penny's Collection pages? Because he should...
Yuko: YEAH
Ananth: Maybe... people have been saying nice stuff. SO MAYBE.... ?? Might be fun!

That's all for us! Catch you next time!
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